How NFTs Will Change Social Media As You Know It

Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and Social Media all find themselves within the top ten of buzzwords. It’s hard to go more than a few days without hearing one mentioned in another conversation, or seeing it in headlines on news sites all over the internet. Slowly but surely social media is finding its way into the blockchain world through projects like Nafter, Showtime, SocialNFT.

One of the most important emerging technologies that are bridging social media with Blockchain is NFTs (which stands for Non-Fungible Tokens). While it may not be clear what an NFT is to you right now… they are set to change the way we communicate online.

Nafter is revolutionizing the business model of social media with NAFTER, a decentralized content distribution platform built on blockchain technology.

The 3 key innovations of Nafter take aim at the 3 biggest issues plaguing social media: ownership and profits, fairness and audibility, and quality of content.

Why It Will Impact Social Interactions

Blockchain and NFTs will impact social media by allowing users to profit from their social interactions, make audibility and fairness of content possible, and provide higher quality content.

Ownership and Profits:

One of the most important aspects of blockchain is its ability to give ownership over digital assets.

Currently, companies like Facebook own all information posted on their site for as long as it exists.

This enables them to own people’s posts, data, and use it as they see fit without proper credit or compensation for those involved. On NFT Social Platforms there is no such thing as a post that belongs to a company. Everything belongs to the user who created it making them fully responsible for how they interact with other users on the network.

Audibility and Fairness:

With blockchain, all social interactions have a record of being seen by the public. This will enable NFT platforms to revolutionize how content is managed by allowing user consensus on whether something should exist or not.

Companies like YouTube currently do not share the assets they use to keep content on their site or hold users accountable for it. NFT Social platforms will remove these issues by allowing users to see every post made, ensuring the content of quality is “upvoted”, and removing posts that are deemed inappropriate.

Quality of Content:

Currently, social media giants are responsible for controlling what content is allowed. The issue with this is their desire to make money takes away from the quality of the site. NFT Social Platforms will allow users interested in quality content to “upvote” it while taking down posts that do not fit guidelines.

The Nafter platform has shown commitment to not only the best interests of the users through enabling them to have ownership over their social interactions but also giving them opportunities to profit if they choose! That’s because 5% of all NAFT tokens are being given out via airdrop at for a limited time!

Why does it matter?

Nafter has shown commitment to improving the way we communicate with each other through social media. With the ability to make profits from our interactions, have full ownership of what we post online, and remove content that takes away from the quality of the site… Nafter is set to improve the way we interact on sites as well as reward those users who choose to create high-quality content that benefits all others on their site!

There are 3 distinct areas in which blockchain will impact social media: transactions, governance, and commerce.


Blockchain provides a decentralized, secure, and verifiable transaction history. All transactional records can be monitored in real-time.


Blockchain allows for transparency between users creating an environment where everyone has equal access.


The value that blockchain brings to social media is the ability to connect digital assets with real-world assets for further monetization opportunities.

Overall, blockchain technology will completely change how social media operates by taking power away from companies who have abused it in the past and today, allowing everyone to participate fairly without being censored or taken advantage of!



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