Founders & Management

Our founders, backed by experience, keen sensibilities and business acumen, drive the team to generate opportunities, address concerns, solve issues and deliver exceptional results all within your framework.

Olga Stepanova

Director of Business Development and Operations

Accountable for the overall management of strategic and operational Marketing and Customer Relationship activities. Experienced in: Team Management, SDR, Sales Strategy and Execution, KPI Maintenance and Delivery, Documentation Creation and Maintenance, Customer Service Lead.

Anna Repekh

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Competent at managing responsibilities in a high-volume atmosphere, with tasks affecting firm reputation, identifying, analyzing, and solving problems. Experienced in: Resource Management, Team Leadership, Onboarding new and existing clients to a new platform within an investment bank, Technical Business Analysis, Product Ownership, People Development and Retention, Business Continuity Management, Customer Support Lead and Sales.

Ilia Repekh

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Tech-savvy with a logical mindset. Quick to grasp new technological advances and use best practices in order to maximize efficiency. Experienced in Resource Management, Multiple Functional Testing; Quality Control; Test case writing; system administration; CRM automation and customization.

Anton Mironov

Co-Founder and CEO

Accomplished Executive with domestic and international experience in operations, P&L, oversight, multichannel product distribution, and marketing involving both start-ups and growth organizations. Result-oriented, decisive leader with proven success in new market identification and strategic positioning for multimillion-dollar Information Technology organizations.


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