Why choose LimITless TC

Why choose Ukraine as an Outsource destination?

We are strategically located in the capital of Ukraine – Kiev.

The cost of labor compared to other outsource destinations is competitive. This allows the client to save on staffing costs as opposed to hiring locally. The government laws in Ukraine are fair with taxation, which in turn, allows you to win more on your investment.

Staffing Pool and mindset of the location.

Many skilled professionals and more graduating yearly that are ready to accept a challenge. “The local software development community has grown by 27% in the year 2017, the country currently employs over 166,000 IT specialists. Ukraine ranks 4th in the world by the number of tech workers after India, the United States, and Russia. Moreover, the IT workforce is expected to surpass the 200,000 mark by 2020.”

[1] htps://www.daxx.com/blog/outsourcing-ukraine/why-ukraine-best-it-outsourcing-destnaton

Why choose LimTC as your outsource company?

Office Location.

Located in a great part of town within walking distance from the public transportation makes it an attractive location for employees.

Advanced office facilities.

Secure office facilities with cameras and electronic pass system. Comfortable working environment for employees. Advanced hardware and software.

Great staff retention.

LimTC provides our employees with extraordinary challenges and fulfillment, and the opportunity to significantly enrich their careers and deliver superior returns to our shareholders by achieving strong and consistent financial performance.

Experience of owner and partners.

Ability to provide trainings to new staff and encourage the western work ethic. Owner and partners are all fluent English speakers, which makes communication with client and understanding of requirements a breeze.

Active work bench.

Some staff is available for start right-off.

Creatio CRM partners.

Knowledge of CRM and ability to assist with purchase of licenses directly.