What is dedicated office space?

Your team will have their own dedicated space within one of our offices. The offices are well equipped with the latest technology, kitchen, snacks, and game rooms to take a break.

Advantages of having dedicated office space?
  • Your entire team is seated next to each other which makes it very easy for asking questions or conducting training in one of our many meeting rooms becomes a breeze!
  • To make your outsourced teams feel like a part of your company, we brand the dedicated office spaces on-demand.
  • Not all businesses feel remote work is right for their business. For this reason, your team will all work together in a dedicated office space in one of our offices in Kyiv.
Why Project Management is critical?
  • Building large teams requires proper reporting lines. Having a project manager eliminates having the team leaders report directly to you. Everything is handled locally and if necessary any escalations are brought forward to you with possible solutions already thought through.
  • Project management is crucial for start-up businesses that have yet to develop a clear strategy for scaling or maintaining their business to market needs.
  • The Project Manager is your trust advisor which can consult you on proper strategy when building teams, implementing new technologies, or even doing a full audit of your existing processes.
Can I build a team without a team lead?

Absolutely, this is part of our “remote package”. You are not obligated to hire a Team Lead and may hire only agents.

Is the team leader only responsible for team management?

Team Lead is responsible for team management but this is a hands-on role. Meaning the Team Lead will do all of the same work and additionally manage the team. This is a more senior employee with decent experience than the average employee.

Do I need a dedicated recruiter?

Depending on your company’s future plans and today’s needs, this can vary. It is recommended that you have a dedicated recruiter assigned to your account, especially if you plan to build large teams and multiple departments.

Why at least 3 people?
  • We don’t work with such small projects
  • Maintaining your business within desired timeframes is essential for a minimum of three people can provide the necessary coverage(sick leaves, public holidays, etc…).
What kind of strategic communication?

Highly specialized professionals in their respective fields make up our PM team. They will not only execute the required tasks but also provide strategic feedback to take your business to the next level. This includes a full audit of your existing processes and offers ways to improve.

Analytics / Dashboard definition
  • We believe in transparency. For this reason, we are a certified partner of Creatio CRM. We use this CRM to build custom dashboards and report on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.
  • Transparency builds trust and trust builds long-term partnerships, which is our ultimate goal.
Quality Assurance

We’re all human and errors/mistakes happen from time to time. For this very reason, we implement a quality assurance process that monitors and answers the quality of the handled call, email, chat, or ticket with your end customer.


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By using our site you agree to our use of cookies to deliver a better site experience.