Which Audio Chat App Is For You?

There is a new boom happening right now in social media, the drop in audio chat experience. 

You may have heard about the ClubHouse app and now a new app TwitterSpaces which is actually a copy of ClubHouse. We have compared these 2 apps’ main differences and sharing with those who like to stay up to date on new social media space.

After reading the previous paragraph, if you have considered trying out one of these new apps you will probably choose Clubhouse since copies have the stereotype to be worse than the original. But don’t be too quick to judge. Let’s look at some numbers.

TwitterSpaces has 192 million daily users over ClubHouses 2 million daily active users.

Interesting right? 

These are the key differentiations.

Clubhouse is an only iOS, only audio, and only by invite app. Basically what it means is you can enter an audio chat room by invite only. It gives you the actual experience of a clubhouse. It’s like zoom without video or any audio chat, a team speak app with speakers and listeners.

Clubhouse has a calendar with upcoming events for you, that the app assumes you will be interested in listening to, based on who you are following.

You can easily find and connect with your friends on the app.

Clubhouse app is very well designed and polished in terms of functionality and discoverability.

But users report that “it feels kind of sweaty” because a lot of people are on there trying to network, trying to link and build. It feels more like a Linkedin profile with a long list of accomplishments and acculturations. 

But this type of platform caused such a hype among its users that even Mark Zuckerberg is working on his own version of ClubHouse for Facebook. However, there are more apps like this to follow in the near future.

Here’s your guide on TwitterSpaces. Twitter started testing Spaces back in December 2020 and they are now in the Beta version. So there is much more to come including new features and updates.

Spaces is a new way to have live audio conversations directly in the Twitter app.

Unlike the ClubHouse, TwitterSpaces are not private and available on iOs and Android. They are public and anyone can join to listen even if they do not follow you on the app.

You can easily block or report users to moderate content better.

TwitterSpaces give the ability for up to 10 users to come together as speakers and create an audio-only chat experience. It even has a live transcription future that lets you read the conversations even if you can’t listen because you can’t have your volume up or you forgot your headphones.

TwitterSpaces is almost like talking to people in real-time via voice notes. It lets you join, listen, and speak. Reviews of users show that they seem to enjoy it and think spaces is a more exciting product than ClubHouse. 



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