Outsourcing Your Workforce Can Increase Your Business’s Income By 51%

Competition increases every day, changing purchasing methods and forms, increasing production costs despite the developing technology, the necessity to be constantly creative and innovative. If you think about how to increase your profitability like every business, if you can not invest enough time to improve your product or service by overwhelming with many other things at the same time, such as employee training, motivation, health, etc., do not lose your hope.

In this article, we will talk about how you can bring your company to a more competitive and innovative position by taking 51% lower employee cost, management, training, and motivation workload from your shoulders completely.

In the research we conducted in European countries, we determined that the average cost of earning 1 employee is $ 4000, in addition to that the average cost of 1 person education is $ 950, including the equipment such as office, laptop, desk, monitor, headset, companies most likely spending $ 60,000 per year for per employee. This does not include sickness, maternity leave, and motivational load, and subsidiary social benefits.

Take an example of a SaaS company that provides services or products with a monthly membership fee of $50 / month, briefly, a software company that obtains $600 ARR from one customer in a year. Must acquire 100 customers only to cover the cost of a customer support representative within their own company.

A company that only covers an 8-hour working cost with 100 customers it has earned, needs to reach more than 100 users in order to achieve its goals of protecting existing customers, gaining new customers, product development, and standing profitable. For Facebook with 2.8 billion users, 1 customer CAC figures are on average $7. Now imagine, you can hire the same talented workforce with a 51% decrease in your spendings and still deliver an exceptional customer experience. Our focus is to staff, train, motivate and retain the staff while allowing you to focus on your core competencies and growing success.  

Ukraine, Kyiv, has become the center of outsourcing in a decade of easy travel geolocation, cultural fit with a similar working calendar, sustainable salary average, and multilingual high-level tech. educated workforce. LimTC with its responsible, transparent, and western approach that provides to all business partners, continues to be a part of the success of the companies by reducing all these headaches as well as their costs by 51%. 

The best indicator of this is the award of the best B2B service provider not only in Ukraine but also all over the world for over 3 years.

While you are developing your products or services, we manage your, customer support, sales, back-office teams, and processes, and we work together to deliver success.

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