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A cloud-based plagiarism detection software that finds similarities, citations and references in a set of text. In 2017, Unplag was rebranded as Unicheck. Unicheck is primarily used in K-12 and higher education, counting more than 400 institutions worldwide. The tool is also used as a stand-alone checker by individual users like writers, editors, bloggers, lawyers.

OneLook Productions is a Picton, ON based com pany that provides full service real estate marketing to the Quinte, Kingston, Northumberland, Peterborough & Kawartha Lakes regions.

Nectar Desk is one of the most affordable and com plete SaaS solution for handling inbound and outbound calls with reporting and analytics. We deliver a comprehensive call center software that can be setup in minutes from buying a number to customizing your agents and more. No Contracts. No Hidden Fees. No Hardware. 24/7 Phone and Live Chat Support.

Bpm'online is a global software company leading in the space of business process automation and CRM. The company has been highly recognized as a market leader by key industry analysts. Its intelligent plat form accelerates sales, marketing, service and operations for thousands of customers and hundreds of partners worldwide.

eKomi, The Feedback Company is Europe's premiere & largest independent provider of transaction-based reviews & ratings. As a Google worldwide partner with over 250+ employees and headquartered in Berlin, Germany and Los Angeles, California with offices in London, Paris, Madrid, and San Francisco, eKomi has gathered & published over 40,000,000 reviews for customers.

Why choose LimITless TC

With the rise of new technologies like automated chatbots and 360-degree marketing research, competition in the technology sector is fierce. What separates a prosperous company and suffering ones is often the degree of satisfaction from their customers. In order to give your business the competitive edge it needs to thrive and triumph over its competitors, you need to have powerful Business Process solutions at your disposal. If you’re unsure where to begin, Limitless Technology Consultants might be your saving grace!

LimTC’s mission is to take your business to the next level. We offer numerous solutions to common business challenges, such as staff augmentation, marketing and sales support, and CRM automation. We pour our heart and soul into every single client and our personal approach is one of the keys to our success.

In recognition of our efforts, we’ve been evaluated by Clutch and named a Top B2B Company in Ukraine! We’d like to thank our customers for participating in comprehensive interviews to gauge our impact. In reflection of those sentiments, we’ve scored an amazing 4.9 out of 5 stars! Please take a look at a recent review below:

We are very proud to have been recognized as a leader in Ukraine. This award is great because it is entirely based on the unbiased feedback of our clients.We feel that our clients and our staff are a mirror of what Limitless Technology Consultants LLC is all about. Glad to have platforms such as clutch.io out there!

- Anton Myronov (CEO, LimTC)

Clutch is a B2B reviews platform that uses a unique ratings methodology to rank companies across industries. We’re also featured among the top service providers in Eastern Europe on one of their sister sites, The Manifest. Visual Objects, their other sister site, is a visual catalogue site that highlights other B2B firms in Ukraine, just like us!

Once again, thank you to Clutch and our customers for making this award possible! Please drop us a line today if you’re interested in starting a project.



Our Business Model

1. Outsource of an entre service(s). All operatons of that service are part of LimTC.
2. Outsource of service(s) partally. Operatons of the service are split between LimTC and local team(s).
3. Outsource of an entre end-to-end process. spectrum of an operaton from marketng/lead generaton to Support


1. Outsource of an entre service(s). All operatons of that service are part of LimTC.
2. Outsource of service(s) partally. Operatons of the service are split between LimTC and local team(s).
3. Outsource of an entre end-to-end process. spectrum of an operaton from marketng/lead generaton to Support

Competitive Advantages

1. Outsource of an entre service(s). All operatons of that service are part of LimTC.
2. Outsource of service(s) partally. Operatons of the service are split between LimTC and local team(s).
3. Outsource of an entre end-to-end process. spectrum of an operaton from marketng/lead generaton to Support

Why choose LimTC as your outsource company?

Office Location. Located in a great part of town within walking distance from the public transportation makes it an attractive location for employees. Advanced office facilities. Secure office facilities with cameras and electronic pass system. Comfortable working environment for employees. Advanced hardware and software. Great staff retention. LimTC provides our employees with extraordinary challenges and fulfillment, and the opportunity to significantly enrich their careers; and deliver superior returns to our shareholders by achieving strong and consistent financial performance.

Experience of owner and partners. Ability to provide trainings to new staff and encourage the western work ethic. Owner and partners are all fluent English speakers, which makes communication with client and understanding of requirements a breeze. Active work bench. Some staff is available for start right-off. Bpm’online CRM partners. Knowledge of CRM and ability to provide discounts in case of purchase by client

Why choose Ukraine as an Outsource destination?

We are strategically located in the capital of Ukraine – Kiev. The cost of labor compared to other outsource destinations is competitive. This allows the client to save on staffing costs as opposed to hiring locally. The government laws in Ukraine are fair with taxation, which in turn, allows you to win more on your investment. Staffing Pool and mindset of the location. Many skilled professionals and more graduating yearly that are ready to accept a challenge. “The local software development community has grown by 27% in the year 2017, the country currently employs over 166,000 IT specialists. Ukraine ranks 4th in the world by the number of tech workers after India, the United States, and Russia. Moreover, the IT workforce is expected to surpass the 200,000 mark by 2020.”

Who We Are

Our Mission

Our mission at LimTC © Limitless Technology Consultants LLC is to build a trusting, transparent, long-lasting relationship with our client and help their business gain a competitive advantage

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading outsource company based on feedback from clients, and the number one place of employment based on staff feedback.

Our Values

  • Act with integrity and transparently
  • Act as a team
  • Strive for excellence
  • Focus on the customer

Strive for excellence

We strive to achieve the highest standards of excellence; continuously learn, develop, innovate and improve; and take pride in our accomplishments.

Act with integrity and transparently

We operate legally, honestly and ethically and take responsibility for our actions.

Act as a team

We treat one another with respect and communicate openly. We encourage the best ideas to come from anywhere within the organization. We collaborate seamlessly with others and we value our diversity.

Focus on the customer

We treat one another with respect and communicate openly. We encourage the best ideas to come from anywhere within the organization. We collaborate seamlessly with others and we value our diversity.

Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Co-Founder and CEO – Anton Mironov

Accomplished Executive with domestic and international experience in operations, P&L, oversight, multichannel product distribution, and marketing involving both start-up
and growth organizations. Result-oriented, decisive leader with proven success in new market identification and strate gic positioning for multimillion-dollar Information Technology
organizations. Track of increasing sales and growing bottom line while spearheading operational improvements to drive productivity and reduce costs. Excel in dynamic, demanding
environments while remaining pragmatic and focused.

Co-Founder and CTO – Ilia Repekh

Tech-savvy with a logical mindset. Quick to grasp new technological advances and use best practices in order to maximize efficiency. Experience in resource management; senior testing engineer; knowledge of multiple functional testing types; quality control; test case writing; system administration; CRM automation and customization.

Co-Founder and Managing Partner – Anna Repekh

Competent at managing responsibilities in a high-volume atmosphere, with tasks affecting firm reputation, ability to identify, analyze, and solve problems. Experience in resource
management; team leadership; Onboarding of new clients and existing clients to a new platform within an investment bank; Technical Business Analysis; Product Ownership for a
logistics firm; People Development and retention; Business continuity management; Customer Support Lead; Sales.

Director of Business Development and Operations – Olga Kondakova

Accountable for the overall management of strategic and operational Marketing and Customer Relationship activities. Experience in team management; SDR; Sales strategy and execution; KPI maintenance and delivery; Documentation creation and maintenance; Customer Service Lead.

Success stories

Katerina Vilchinska (Global)

I've been working with Limitless for a while as a Team Lead of Customer Success team. The team was formed and built as major support for one of our projects. I personally believe that team work skills are important in every field of business. Although team is facing an increasingly complicated set of challenges, it’s the essentials that set the tone for successful teamwork – trust, collaboration, hard work, appreciation, purpose, agility, and creativity.

A good team enables you to be productive both as a group and as an individual.

At the same time the main focus for every team member is The Customer. Our daily workflow goes logically from the customer's situation, to their problem, to the chosen solution, to the outcome. Every case is the new possibility for us to go beyond, to open the new opportunities and to gain new experience. This is what makes us great!

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Natalia Bodnar (German market)

I've been employed at Limitless Technology Consultants LLC for almost a year as a Customer Success Manager for one of their projects. When I came here I hardy had any experience in sales or in the IT industry, but my management believed in me and my skills more than I believed in them! After a few weeks of training I closed my first deal and that wasn’t my only achievement, but also an achievement of my #dreamteam we work together to meet goals and hit higher standards! My supervisors and colleagues supported me during my first steps and provided me with comprehensive training on all levels, which helped me succeed. Since then I’ve closed many deals and provided customers with all the possible assistance they require. I'm happy to be part of this company. LimTC is full of professionals and generous people who know their job and know how to create friendly and cool atmosphere in the office!

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Max Musiyets - DACH (Sales Director)

Almost a year ago I came to work at Limitless, and during that time I not only gained valuable experience and developed my skills, but also met a team of talented, responsible and positive people with a professional approach to any task.

I am grateful to the company and the team for the trust and opportunity to prove myself as a team leader of the German desk. In business, as in life, we can often notice differences in attitudes, skills, and values of different people. In my work it is necessary to be able to respect these differences in others, weaher they are clients or colleagues within a company. Guiding the team, motivating, smoothing things over and uniting people for the sake of a common goal is challenging, but the purpose warrant all the efforts. I consider as the best part of my work an opportunity to reveal best qualities in people in order to achieve the best results in work.

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Sergio (Spanish Market)

I liked this company when I came for the first interview. Everyone I saw in the office was happy, enjoying what they were doing and a feeling of teamwork was in the air. It turned out to be not just a good first impression but the daily basis here, at Lim-TC. My colleagues are awesome, we help each other in everything we can and share idea constantly in order to make our work even better. The management deserves a mention too: no micromanagement whatsoever, you get judged by your result: how you do your work is your business only. Shortly: Lim-TC is a good palace to work, to meet interesting people and develop as a professional.

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